With This, Charge Your Phone Anywhere

We all know the struggle of running out of power half way throughout the day and it can be a real problem. A power bank is an obvious solution to this but sometimes it gets unorganized when you need a charger for your phone and your power bank and just trying to keep everything in order can be a struggle. This is where the Anker power bank 2 in 1 comes in handy. It doubles as a wall charger converter and it has a built-in power bank that charges up when it is plugged into a wall and then when you take it out.

This is a very effective and easy solution to the many problems that come with having a power thirsty smartphone. I personally use this product and I can say that is it a great one. It takes up little space and it is relatively cheap. It packs enough power to charge your phone a couple times in the day, and as a wall charger, it is great because it has two USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at one. It also supports IQ charge which makes your phone charge faster

The portability of it is great also. It is about the size of a credit card so it doesn’t take up much space in a bag and when you plug it into the wall it may take up some more space than a conventional wall charger, however, it makes up for it by having two USB ports.

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